Jobst Brandt Gears Up for Alps Slide Show – April 12, 2008


Engsteln trail, Switzerland

Engsteln trail, Switzerland

Jobst Brandt marks 50 years of riding in the Alps with a slide show on Friday, April 18, 7 p.m., at the Bicycle Outfitter in Los Altos. 

I accompanied Jobst on his 1986 ride. Dozens of other local riders have joined him on his two- to three-week adventures. No ride is complete without some trail riding, and walking, over high passes, often covered with snow.

Jobst will show his evidence photos of extreme riding through the Alps covering all 50 years. Yes, he has photos of all his rides, dating back to the days when many passes were dirt roads.

You can see the famous Furka Pass in all its dirt glory in the movie Goldfinger (1965), as I recall, as Sean Connery drives his Aston Martin.As a courtesy, please drop an email to the shop to let management know you’re coming. Dave Prion is the store manager.

Bicycle Outfitter –

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