Top 10 Cycling Videos – March 25, 2008

messengers23We have You Tube to thank for introducing us to new kinds of bike riding. So you won’t have to spend time searching, I’ve collected my top 10 list of bicycle videos. Amazing mountain biking, road racing, bike messenger madness, and speed records.

If you have something you like, leave a comment and I’ll take a look. Just no crash videos.
Top 10 Cycling Videos
1. Bike Messengers on Crack. Bike messenger “race” through Manhattan breaking all the rules. Some riders in fixed-gear.
2. Lance Armstrong’s incredible shortcut at the 2003 Tour de France.
3. Longest Bicycle Downhill, 1,500-foot drop somewhere in Utah. Remarkable footage, appeared on Discovery Channel.
4. Danny Macaskill mountain bike trial bike trick rider. Awesome moves. Turn off music.
5. Eddy Merckx racing to the music of U2. What more can you ask for?
6. 130.7 mph mountain bike ride down a mountain in South America.
7. Project Rwanda to music. Tom Ritchey’s personal journey of discovery in Rwanda.
The story in Tom’s words:
8. Recumbent streamlined bikes racing in Nevada desert.
9. RockShox Movement #2 – Nice music, excellent variety showing mountain bikers doing their thing.
10. John Howard speed record. 150 mph. Historical footage.

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