A Path for Progress in Santa Clara

Creek trail construction

Creek trail construction

San Tomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail, Reach 3, is moving toward completion, with an official opening in June, if all goes according to plan. It extends south from Scott Boulevard to Monroe Street in Santa Clara.

This is fantastic news for anyone who rides a bike. The path follows the creek all the way to Highway 237, going under all roads, including Highway 101, making for a swift commute in a bucolic setting. Considering that most bike riding in Silicon Valley requires a stop every quarter- to half-mile, there is no better place to ride.

As the opening date nears, I’ll keep checking to see when the path opens, and let you know.

6 Responses to “A Path for Progress in Santa Clara”

  1. wirehead Says:

    I can’t wait. When that’s done, I’ll have a longer but very picturesque commute taking the Bay Trail, the San Tomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail, and Monroe home. Less time with cars going nearby = fewer opportunities to become roadkill.

  2. SC bike commuter Says:

    The only reason that the opening is being held until June is so that the Project Manager can have a “Grand Opening”, as he said in the City of Santa Clara Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting at Santa Clara City Hall in the fall of 2008. He said he “likes grand openings”.

    Meanwhile, we all have to ride through heavy traffic.

  3. Ray Hosler Says:

    SC commuter: I was told that, while there will be a grand opening, the path will open when it is complete, independent of any celebration. We’ll just have to wait and see. Ray Hosler.

  4. georges80 Says:

    Well, was planning a ride from the Scott entrance to 237 today and noticed that the Scott to Monroe reach 3 had a “Trail Open” sign and the gates were open. While I was there a service truck entered the trail heading south and when I returned from my ride to Alviso the underpass under Scott was still open but the trail south to Central was closed with those large concrete footing chain link barriers. I guess there was still some ‘work’ going on, but looks like the trail should be open real soon now… Yippee!

  5. Rich Says:

    What’s up with this trail? After all this time, it was open on May 5 and 6, but now it’s closed again. It was quite deluxe and everything was done and in tip-top shape. What could they be possibly keeping it closed for?

    • Ray Hosler Says:

      As of Thursday, May 14, the trail was still closed. It’s easy to see why. The traffic light on Monroe Street leading to the staging area is not operational. Until that’s working, I wouldn’t expect the trail to be open. By the way, DO NOT ride off the pavement in the staging area. Puncture vine everywhere. Although it was sprayed, the thorns are still abundant, and some live puncture vine has returned along San Tomas Expressway.

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