Rough Ride is Smooth Reading


I just finished reading Rough Ride by Paul Kimmage. It’s one of the best cycling books I’ve read in a long time. You should read it as much for what it says as for how it is written. He’s a great writer and like many great writers, he tells the unvarnished truth.

That’s what makes it so compelling. The former professional bike racer (1986-1989) turned journalist tells about life in the peleton from the viewpoint of a hard-working domestique, kind of like a Bob Roll, who Paul raced with, only not so funny.

Paul writes extensively about the drug scene, the central theme of the book, but it blends in well with his race stories.  Paul had a lot more to write about than just drugs. Drugs were part of the scene then, and still are, only the stakes are far higher and the drug evasion detection game is much more sophisticated.

Thanks Paul for telling your story, and for being honest with yourself.

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