10 Worst Roads in the San Francisco Bay Area

1986 Bike Rally in San Francisco on I-280

1986 Bike Rally in San Francisco on I-280

It’s far harder to pick the 10 worst roads than the 10 best roads because there’s so much to choose from! The worst roads are those with high-speed traffic and no shoulder. I don’t do much riding in the East Bay, but they have their share of bad roads. I picked roads that might otherwise be used by cyclists or are used and OK at certain times of the day.

Time of day and day of the week makes a huge difference. I agonized over the choices, but here goes:

1. Highway 17 – (Legal from Los Gatos to Scotts Valley. One short section, Bear Creek Rd. to Alma Bridge Rd. is OK)
2. Market Street, San Francisco
3. Highway 92 to Half Moon Bay
4. El Camino Real (not that bad but I once rode from Palo Alto to San Francisco on El Camino. Ugh)
5. Alma Street, Palo Alto
6. Highway 1, Devil’s Slide
7. Highway 84, Niles Canyon
8. Panoramic Highway with traffic
9. Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and 4th St. to Fairfax downtown
10. Tomales-Petaluma Road with traffic

Honorable Mention

Marsh Creek Road – Camino Diablo

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