Where Would You Spend $15 Million?

Light rail San Jose, Santa Clara station, BART

Light rail San Jose, Santa Clara station, BART

If I had $15 million (the cost to build the lavish Mary Avenue Bridge)  for bicycle facilities, some more useful projects come to mind:

1)  Buy more Caltrain railway cars arranged for bicycles. Cyclists are bumped from crowded trains during peak hours. [Done]

2)  Buy BART cars equipped for bicycles. Cyclists can’t use BART during peak hours.

3)  Fix E. Taylor Street over Hwy 101. I know there is some politics behind this overcrossing. The current arrangement is nonsense. I’m not taking the “bike path” westbound. Knock out the center divider and add bike lanes.

4)  Interstate 880 in the South Bay doesn’t have a single bike/pedestrian bridge. How about one near 237/880?

5)  Between E. San Antonio Street and Yerba Buena Road (4.5 miles) there is no safe route over or under Highway 101. VTA’s Santa Clara Valley Bicycle Map grades all crossings, including Yerba Buena, as “extreme caution.” Those who have ridden Capitol Expressway over 101 do not call Stelling Road “dangerous.”

6)  How about an underpass for the rail tracks at the Santa Clara Caltrain station? I understand that’s a plan. Public transportation goes hand in hand with cycling.

7)  Finish the Coyote Creek Trail to and under Hwy 237.

8)  Pave the Guadalupe River Trail. We have a mud hole to ride through at the airport rental area (north of Airport Parkway) when it rains. It’s an insult. [Done]

9)  How long will it be before we have a public path around Moffett Field? It’s all that stands in the way of linking Palo Alto, Mountain View, Santa Clara, San Jose, and Milpitas. [Done]

10) Can’t we have bike racks at ALL shopping centers?

I could go on. Hold your government officials accountable, and see to it that our government-funded bike/pedestrian project dollars go where the need is greatest.

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