Pseudo Racers Terrorize Golden Gate Bridge

All quiet on the Golden Gate Bridge - Tuesday, 9 a.m.

All quiet on the Golden Gate Bridge - Tuesday, 9 a.m.

“There were a record 34 accidents involving bicycles on and around the tourist-packed span last year, 19 of which resulted in trips to the hospital, according to the Golden Gate Bridge district.”

This recent San Francisco Chronicle article deals with bicycle crashes on the bridge. I’m not surprised. Tuesday, a sunny day with mild temperatures, I rode across the bridge and back. In the morning, no problem: Nobody there.
However, around 3 p.m. it was a different story. Tourists mobbed the bridge, including those with rented bikes. I kept my speed down to 10 mph, used my bell, and sometimes slowed to a crawl. No big deal; I made it across safely, no thanks to the many jerk cyclists speeding by.

The fault lies squarely with cyclists. In the article, they gripe about witless pedestrians not paying attention. That’s no excuse. Cyclists say the same thing about drivers when the tables are turned.

The arrogance that comes with cycling knows no bounds. Pseudo racers are easy to spot — wearing $200 sunglasses, designer jerseys, shaved legs, and contempt for anyone in the way. Of course, not all pseudo racers are like that, only the ones who go around knocking over tourists.

I’ve had one head-on collision with a mountain biker who took his responsibilities a little too lightly. I don’t need another one on the Golden Gate Bridge.

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