I Stop for Silver

Not bad for a day's ride.

Not bad for a day's ride.

Our city streets may not be lined with gold, but there’s plenty of coinage, if you’re willing to keep your eyes open.  Today I found $2.16. The coins were scattered in a small area on San Tomas Expressway.

I have two rules about stopping for coins. 1) I don’t stop for pennies. Sure, I’ll bend over and pick it up if I’m stopped at a light. 2) I don’t risk my life. If a coin is out in traffic, I leave it alone.

It was early on a Sunday morning, so I helped myself to a coin bonanza. I don’t know how it got there. It already looked like road kill, so it was most likely out there more than a day. I even left some coins behind since I would have violated rule #2.

In 2006, I tracked how much money I found in a year. It came to $6.30. That will buy a new tube, or 20 patches. This year I’m keeping track again, and I’m now at $3.50 with nine months to go.

This is the most change I’ve found at once. I have found other goodies, mostly work gloves, tools, hats, and a couple of cell phones (both returned to owner). I’ve only found a few bills. They don’t last long before someone nabs them.

If you see change on the road, feel free to stop and pick it up. We need to keep money in circulation. If it’s scuffed up that’s fine. We want to recycle old coins, which are melted down to make more coins.

Happy hunting.

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