Can You Take the Heat?

Already fried a the Mt. Hamilton summit in 1987. Ted Mock, Jim Westby, Joanne Klebe.

Already fried at the Mt. Hamilton summit in 1987. Ted Mock, Jim Westby, Joanne Klebe.

As we finish the last hot days of the year, I’m reminded of a Mt. Hamilton ride on October 4, 1987, when a little heat didn’t slow us down. We rode in 90+ degree temperatures, all day (San Jose high that day was 96F. Our route took us to the back side of Mt. Hamilton, Livermore, and back on Hwy 84 to our start in Milpitas via Calaveras Road — 100 miles.

I’m amazed we did it as I look back on it. We could just as easily have turned back at the summit, which was the case with Jobst Brandt and Charlie Kempner.

It occurred to me that I could use our Misty Mate on hot rides. These hand-operated water pumps put out a satisfying mist spray. They would be perfect for a bike ride. I’ve used them on hot days around the house, but never on a bike ride. I’ll try it out and let you know how it works − next year. We’ve probably seen the last of the hot days in the San Francisco Bay Area.

One Response to “Can You Take the Heat?”

  1. Jeff J Says:

    I was on the ride that day, too. The only reason I wanted to go was because I had a crush on Joann who worked at PA Bikes and I wanted to get to know her better. I paid a price for that! I’ve been riding since 1986 and that one day was the absolute hardest ride in my entire life-never again would I attempt a “century.” I’ve told that story a hundred times…. Thanks for the memories.

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