Share Your Routes in Google Maps

You can make your own route and share it with others in Google Maps.

I mentioned that you can make your own routes in Google Maps and share them with others, and here’s how.

First, you need to have an account, typically done by creating an email account. Once at Google Maps click on “My Maps,” then “Create new map.” Give it a title and description, and select whether public or unlisted. I recommend leaving it unlisted until you’re ready to share it.

You’ll work with the three icons in the upper left corner of Google Maps. Select the blue teardrop placemarker to start your route, and give it a name. Select the jaggy line for drawing the route. You can click as often as you like when drawing the route. I recommend selecting “follow roads,” if that’s your intent.

While this process works well enough, it takes forever, if you have a long route. A way to get around this is to pick a destination and then use the placemarker. The program will choose a route, typically following freeways, if nearby.

You can fine-tune the route by selecting the blue line where it diverges from its intended route and dragging it to the desired road. If you’re doing this where there are other roads, you need to be zoomed in and take care in selecting the road segment you want to move.

Another option is to click on “Get Directions,” after creating a map name and enter the start and end points. Google Maps will create a route, again using freeways where practical. If you select “Bicycling” route (in the U.S. only), Google Maps will create a route minus the freeways. Once that’s done, you can drag the end point back to a place that’s closer to where you want to go.

Sometimes it’s a hassle to make things work, but I’m no expert.

Google Maps does not always recognize paths — it’s better in bicycling mode — so you may have to create sections for places that follow paths.

There are icons you can use for points of interest. Click on the Placemark icon and you’ll see the Placemark in the upper right corner of the window. Click on that and you’ll see more icons.

If this doesn’t make sense, just watch their video.
Here are some of my public routes:

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