A Soap Opera That Won’t Go Away


Is there anyone who hasn't taken drugs?

If you’ve been following the bike racing scene, you know that 2006 Tour de France winner Floyd Landis reversed himself and admitted he doped in that race.

Landis, “an American Hero,” maintained his innocence for four years, even appearing on the Larry King’s show with the same story.

My reliable sources told me that Landis doped, so I never believed his claims of innocence. It’s incredibly hard to live a lie.

What you may not have read is how Landis and other riders avoided detection. He explained in detail, but it’s not well publicized in the press. Bonnie Ford, ESPN, wrote an excellent story based on interviews with Landis.

Since everyone is coming clean, I admit that I too have doped. I took two large Advil (800 mg each) on a Sierra Ride several years to avoid cramping. It worked wonders!

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