Excuses, Excuses! The Weather

Early commuters. Cyclists ride through Napindan on their way to work in Taguig, Metro Manila.

In the Bay Area we can’t complain about the weather as a reason to avoid the bike commute. Still, some do. They say it’s too hot, too cold, or it rains. Ask people living in Minneapolis or Manila about too cold or too hot. They have a legitimate excuse.

Even though Manila, Philippines, has some of the worst possible weather for bike riding, horrendous traffic, and air pollution, bikes are everywhere to be seen. If you think it’s because the riders are environmentally aware, you need your head examined.

The only reason most anyone rides a bike in Manila is because it’s affordable. Filipinos do ride bikes for pleasure though. On the recently opened C6 you can see cyclists out riding for enjoyment at 6 a.m. Riding is bearable in the early morning and after a rainstorm.

Next time you’re complaining about the Bay Area’s weather, think for a moment about the less hospitable places on the planet. The Bay Area is Shangrila.

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