Bike Commute Adviser: Mountain View Shoreline area

Green routes are recommended. Click on map to view larger PDF file. Google map.

Bike Commute Adviser is brought to you in conjunction with Excuses, Excuses! for bike commuters. A specific area in the Bay Area, where there’s a concentration of businesses, will be featured with recommended routes.

Shoreline Park in Mountain View is an area I’m intimately familiar with after years of commuting to Runner’s World magazine in the 1980s and living in Mountain View.

Shoreline is located on the north side of Highway 101, a major barrier to the bike commuter. However, the overpasses were widened in the late 1980s, so it’s not as bad as it once was. There’s also an overpass for bikes on the Stevens Creek Trail, which bridges the Caltrain tracks, Central Expressway, Evelyn Avenue, and goes under Hwy 85, Hwy 101, and other roads.

Businesses: Google, Microsoft, Intuit, Computer History Museum, LaserQuest (formerly Runner’s World), Century Cinemas 16, LinkedIn, Actel

Overpasses: Starting from the north:

Embarcadero Road Overpass, Palo Alto. Heavy traffic. Not recommended.

Oregon Expressway Pedestrian/Bike Overpass. Starts at Oregon Avenue/Sierra Court next to Oregon Expressway and goes to E. Bayshore Road. It has a nasty fence chicane to start the climb, but otherwise OK.

Ben Lefkowitz Underpass. This underpass follows Adobe Creek, but it’s only open from April to October due to flooding concerns. It would most likely be approached via Loma Verde to W. Bayshore Blvd., or Fabian Way, which becomes W. Bayshore.

San Antonio Road Overpass. It’s a narrow from Palo Alto, a route to be avoided on a weekday.

Rengstorff Avenue Overpass
. Upgraded in the 1990s, removing one of the cloverleafs and widened. Recommended.

N.Shoreline Blvd. Overpass. Widened in the 1980s and a cloverleaf was removed. Recommended.

Stevens Creek Trail. Starts beyond El Camino Real and avoids all the major roads via overpasses and underpasses to reach Shoreline Park. A somewhat circuitous route, but well worth the extra time.

Transit Options
Caltrain stops in downtown Mountain View. Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) light rail runs northwest from San Jose. Don’t forget VTA’s rapid bus 522, the express running between San Jose – Palo Alto on El Camino Real. Bus routes go directly to Shoreline; no doubt Google and other large companies provide a shuttle bus, which may have racks for bikes.

2 Responses to “Bike Commute Adviser: Mountain View Shoreline area”

  1. Cardinal Fang Says:

    The Stevens Creek Trail is not at all “circuitous” if you’re approaching Shoreline Park from south Mountain View, south Los Altos, Cupertino. It’s the most direct way.

  2. sally Says:

    Thanks for the useful report.

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