Handlebar Wrap-up

Velcro replaces traditional tape.

We’ve learned to finish wrapping drop handlebars with tape, but there are alternatives — Velcro and pull ties.

After a while, especially in hot weather, tape loosens and then you have a sticky mess. The tape may also tear the bar wrap if you have to remove it.

Velcro and pull or zip ties keep your bar wrap from unraveling as well as tape.

Zip ties aren't as elegant as Velcro, but they work great.

Pull ties need to be cut, which leaves a sharp edge. File this down. I positioned the cinch at the top of the bar, which is less desirable visually, but it keeps it away from my thumb and fingers.

Velcro costs about $5 for four feet at a fabric store, while pull or zip ties cost about 10 cents each. Most Velcro is black, but you may find white. Zip ties come in a variety of colors.

Tape still has its place, but the alternatives have some advantages, especially Velcro, which can be removed and used again. I did not see any unraveling on a long ride.

One Response to “Handlebar Wrap-up”

  1. Ray Hosler Says:

    After a month, the wrap end piece with the pull tie is curling, so I don’t think it’s such a great solution. However, the Velcro is working great. Maybe a company will make some Velcro wrap in colors, and a little wider than what I can find in stores.

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