Moffett Field Bay Trail — FINALLY

Rengstorff house in 1986 before renovation.

Following my Ring Around the Bay rant, it’s only fitting that I bring you good news on this subject. The Moffett Field section of the Bay Trail officially opens on Monday, Sept. 20, marked by a dedication ceremony.

This means we now have a continuous 26-mile trail between East Palo Alto and San Jose. I can hardly wait to try it out.

For decades, this trail section has been closed and the sole impediment to connecting San Jose with East Palo Alto. I’m sure there was a list of obstructions a mile long, but they’ve all been resolved.

The trail follows a dirt levee. In dry weather it’s not a problem for any bike to use, but in a heavy fog or wet weather, watch out. We’re talking serious mud that clings to tires. Northerly winds pick up in the afternoon and blow throughout the day.

Google Maps (bikes) shows the Bay Trail routes, and it will certainly come in handy as the levees wind all over the place in the South Bay.

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