Puncture Vine Bites the Dust!

This puncture vine is now history at Lawrence and Pruneridge.

On Wednesday, Sept. 15, I eradicated the mother of all puncture vine at the corner of Lawrence Expressway and Pruneridge Avenue. That was my good deed for the day.

The single vine fanned out about three feet and weighed at least 25 pounds. It took me 15 minutes to scoop it into a trash bag and pick up the thorns. I didn’t get every thorn, so DO NOT ride your bike on the island at the northeast corner of the intersection.

I don’t know how I missed that vine. I ride by there all the time. I saw thorns next to the signal button a few days ago and then noticed the plant.

Only days before that I unwisely rode my bike off Coyote Creek Trail into a dead puncture vine plant, probably sprayed. That mistake took out both tubes.

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