What Planet is This?

Imagination runs wild at the Green Prix San Jose

While I missed the parade due to an unexpected visit with bike builder Dale Saso, I saw the entries at the Green Prix Parade scattered about on S. First St. and E. San Salvador.

Zero 1 had a kind of post-apocalyptic air about it, something Dave Barry would have picked up on in a minute, until it comes to the Green Prix entries. Now we’re talking real fun.

The geodesic dome human-powered vehicle with a surfboard on top drew a crowd, as did the Golden Gate Bridge bike. We saw the white ferry cyclists and the San Jose ballerinas prancing down the street with their electric gizmos emitting strange noises. I’m not making this up.

And no human-powered gizmo parade would be complete without a tracked Mad Max car. Too fun!

Your opinion counts
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition wants your opinion about cycling and what savings you see from bike riding, and how you spend all that money you didn’t sink into your Mercedes. It only takes a minute.

Speaking of Mad Max, have you seen the Madfiber wheels? Someone who can afford the best ($2,600 for a set) and coolest will want these carbon fiber wheels. They’re made (baked) in Seattle, Wash., in a former bakery. I’m not making this up.

Behind the innovative wheels (as if you didn’t know!) is Ric Hjertberg, past owner of Wheelsmith in Palo Alto. There’s a set at Veloro in Redwood City.

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