Shimano Pedal Overhaul

When my Shimano right pedal started creaking, I eventually got around to checking it out, only to discover it was loose. In my naivete I didn’t realize the Shimano PD M520 “mountain bike” pedal needed regular maintenance.

The pedal was loose because the tiny 3/32″ ball bearings had been ground down, and a rubber seal had also worn down. Replace the bearings when you service the pedals, and the rubber seal, if you can find one at a bike shop.

I bought new pedals and stashed my old ones. After reading about the pedals and how to maintain them in a Bicycling magazine repair book, I knew the pedals could be serviced.

Check out my video explaining how to do the overhaul.

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2 Responses to “Shimano Pedal Overhaul”

  1. bracken Says:

    Thanks for posting this. You are the only one i have found that has posted a How To. As i do all my own maintenance i depend heavily on others experiences to learn what to do or what not to do.
    Thanks again

  2. Ray Hosler Says:

    For more How To repair videos check out Bicycle Tutor –

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