Joe’s Trail in Saratoga a Work in Progress

Joe Trail in Saratoga will be done in June or July. (Google Map)

Today I rode the new Saratoga recreation path that follows the train track right-of-way between Saratoga-Sunnyvale Avenue and Saratoga Avenue, but it’s still a work in progress.

Two bridges need to be added and some trail alignment continues. A trail worker told me the wide crushed-rock path should be complete in June or July. According to a story in the San Jose Mercury News, Joe Sanfilippo, a Saratoga real estate developer was the inspiration for the trail, and his wife Dee added $400,000 to help complete the project.

Not surprisingly, this public works project involved collaboration from the city of Saratoga, Cupertino, PG&E (power lines run along the right of way), Union Pacific, Santa Clara Valley District, and the San Jose Water Company. Ten years later, we have a 1.6-mile trail following the railroad track, which is still in use for hauling rock from Lehigh Permanente Quarry, although sparingly judging by the rusty rails.

It’s not the most scenic trail around, but I enjoyed the majestic oaks lining the trail and the power lines overhead did not make my bike computer go haywire.

The trail could be extended north all the way to the St. Joseph Avenue area without much trouble, but that would take an act of Congress and another 20 years to come to pass. A southern extension is less practical due to road alignments and bridges, but not impossible. Maybe future generations will find a way.

One Response to “Joe’s Trail in Saratoga a Work in Progress”

  1. Cardinal Fang Says:

    For the cyclist who doesn’t live in the neighborhood, what good is this trail? I can’t see how it links up anything to anything.

    (Not that I’m opposed to the trail. I’m sure people in the neighborhood are glad to get away from cars. Maybe in the future the trail will be extended.)

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