Bike Facilities Mushrooming in the Valley

Camden Avenue and Hwy 17 intersection has been striped with bikes in mind. Google Map photo

Never lose hope. Last Saturday as I was riding northwest on Camden Avenue approaching the dreaded Hwy 17 “take your life into your own hands” overpass, I saw a miracle. A government agency bike-lane-striped the road exactly as I ride it!

You never know which agency to thank in these situations: state, county, city? Anyway, it’s a job well done. Striping makes a difference for safety. Motorists see the lines and realize you’re where you should be riding.

Tully Road Overpass
There’s a lot to feel good about in recent weeks. The Tully Road Hwy 101 overpass is being modified to accommodate bikes and pedestrians. No more death-daring dance crossing those wicked cloverleaf on- and off-ramps. Motorists hate them just as much when leaving and entering the freeway.

The new set-up is called a multi-modal design, which has become the new way of handling traffic at freeway ramps. It’s a huge improvement for all forms of transportation.

Stevens Creek Trail Expansion
That’s not all. At long last the Stevens Creek Trail will cross Hwy 85 into Sunnyvale. Now the trail will have a lot more utility for commuters. I would have preferred taking the trail along the creek under 85, but this overpass will do. It looks like it’s a fairly gentle slope.

One of the worst ped/bike overpasses is the nearby Hwy 85 Dalles Avenue overpass. It gets an F for being steep with tight turns.

Permanente Creek at 101 Bike/Ped Overpass
On the subject of overpasses, Mountain View is working on another bike/ped overpass at Hwy 101 and Alta Avenue at Permanente Creek, sandwiched between Rengstorff Avenue and Shoreline Boulevard. Let’s hope Google is footing the bill for this one, beyond paying taxes.

I can think of other areas, especially south San Jose in Santa Clara County, that have a far greater need. Both Rengstorff and Shoreline overpasses are OK for bike commuting.

Monterey Hwy Bike/Ped Overpass
While this new overpass being built is not crossing Hwy 101, it does go over Monterey Highway and the Union Pacific railroad tracks near the Blossom Hill station. The 315-foot-long bicycle/pedestrian bridge crosses the tracks, Monterey Road and Endicott Blvd, south of the intersection of Blossom Hill Road and Monterey Road in San Jose.

Finally, the Silicon Valley Bicycle Association is holding two bike summits, in San Mateo on April 6 and San Jose on April 8. These day-long meetings will be of interest for dedicated commuters. However, they’re held mostly during the day.

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