Photo of the Week

Shingle Mill Road parallels Tunitas Creek Road and connects higher up where the road starts to level off.

Today I rode up Highway 84 to Skylonda on my ride to the coast, and back on Tunitas Creek Road. Perish the thought.

Over the years I’ve avoided this stretch of 84, for obvious reasons. Traffic is a concern and the road is narrow, although there is more shoulder than you might imagine. So how many cars go by in the morning (also going up) on the ride to Skylonda from Portola Valley Cutoff? I’ve counted several times and it’s consistently about two dozen, not counting motorcycles.

That’s about the same number of cars per mile as Hwy 9.

I’m not young and strong anymore, so 84 becomes more inviting, as it was for Jobst Brandt in his later years on rides to Santa Cruz.

It may as well have been raining on the coast today, the fog was so heavy and moist. On the ride up Tunitas Creek Road I stopped to take a photo of Shingle Mill Road. It parallels Tunitas Creek Road for a while where Tunitas Creek gets steep, joining at the only bridge crossing the creek.

I rode down this road in my youth. Jobst pointed out an enormous redwood stump, where we would climb up with bike and pose for photos. I later found a photo in a book (Sawmills in the Redwoods, Stanger) of what is probably the same tree before it was cut. It’s a small world!

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