Common Sense, Not Speed Limits, on GG Bridge

A speed limit of 10 mph is proposed for bikes on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Cyclists who use the Golden Gate Bridge regularly were rightfully upset last week when the Golden Gate Bridge District sprung a plan to have a 10 mph speed limit.

Let’s have a little discussion with the public before accepting some consultant’s conclusion. The District delayed the decision to gather more opinions.

I’ve never understood bicycle speed limits, considering most cyclists don’t have any way of knowing their speed. Bike computers are not standard issue.

Most of the bike accidents, according to the study, are single bike crashes, followed by bike on bike, and finally bike on pedestrian.

There is one place where an extremely low speed should be enforced and that’s around the towers. Anyone who rides at more than 5 mph around these obstacles is asking for trouble.

That said, let’s use common sense. It’s all about riding according to conditions. If you’re riding alone in the early morning on the west side, 20 mph is reasonable.

If you’re on the bridge with tons of tourists or it’s really foggy or windy, slow down. When I’m around pedestrians I try to keep my speed to about 10 mph (I use a bike computer) or even slower.

I can understand the bridge district’s concern, considering the west side will be closed for earthquake retrofitting for four months starting soon. It was supposed to start in March.

Avoid the bridge this summer, or get there really early. I’ve been on the east side in the afternoon on a nice spring day with lots of tourists and it’s no place to be on a bike.

One Response to “Common Sense, Not Speed Limits, on GG Bridge”

  1. Cardinal Fang Says:

    We have speed limits precisely because some people have no common sense.

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