Access Denied at De Anza College

Why isn't this access point to De Anza College open?

With a minor adjustment, there’s every reason to open this access road to De Anza College for two-wheeled vehicles. It bridges between De Anza College Parkway and McClellan Road, near the Hwy 85 overpass. There’s good visibility both directions. All you have to do is install some removable posts to allow access for bikes and motorcycles.

Cyclists could use this route as a continuation from the Mary Avenue bike path through Cupertino. People riding to school on McClellan could use this road for easier access.

One Response to “Access Denied at De Anza College”

  1. Cardinal Fang Says:

    What’s wrong with riding a couple hundred feet further, where there is access to McClellan? Wouldn’t most riders be headed toward Saratoga-Stelling anyway?

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