World’s Most Uncomfortable Bike Saddle?

This is not a comfortable saddle for long mountain bike rides.

Could this saddle shown here be the world’s most uncomfortable for a mountain bike? It may have been standard issue by Trek in 2000, but I can’t say for sure. It’s not important. What’s important is finding a comfortable saddle for mountain bike riding.

This saddle, as you can see, is narrow and doesn’t have a groove down the middle, which I’m beginning to realize is a sore point with me. The ride position on the mountain bike is different from a racing road bike with drop bars. That’s because you’re more upright on a mountain bike and there’s more pressure on the saddle.

I switched saddles and tried the Avocet Gel, but it wasn’t any better. I have another saddle with an indent down the middle that came with the Bianchi commute bike. I’ll try that. My thought on mountain bike saddles is: wide, well padded, slot or indent down the middle to protect the prostate area.

Of course, young mountain bike racers will stick with the super-lightweight narrow saddles.

My mountain bike rides combine road and dirt and can be as many as 70 miles.

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