World’s Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Saddle?

I like this saddle shape for the mountain bike.

After numerous long mountain bike rides I’ve decided there isn’t a saddle that makes riding as comfortable as being on a road bike. They’re different beasts.

That said, I like the Bianchi saddle. After a recent 84-mile ride I wasn’t nearly as sore as I had been on previous rides using traditional saddles. Of course, it’s not the Bianchi brand that matters, but the shape of the saddle. This saddle is more comfortable than the traditional racing saddle minus the groove down the middle.

Mountain bikes, as I’ve mentioned, put you in a different position on the bike compared to the road bike. I’ve found that, even with the bar-end extensions, I don’t have as many places to put my hands, which contributes to finger numbness. I wear gloves and have padded handlebars; the decrease in available hand positions is the problem.

3 Responses to “World’s Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Saddle?”

  1. AlanB Says:

    Thanks for posting. Looks comfy. Any idea what the model is? I can’t find it anywhere.

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