Photo of the Week: The Haul Road

Haul Road then and now. In 1984 the Haul Road experienced serious flooding.

On today’s ride I was reminded of another less enjoyable ride with Jobst Brandt in 1984. It was a cool spring day and we were finishing a long ride by riding up the Haul Road.

The road was muddy and every creek crossing, of which there are a half-dozen, was washed out. We had to clamber down into the creek and back up. This particular washout was the worst, so I had Jobst take my photo.

Today the road is in as good a shape as it has ever been. It goes from Pescadero Road/Wurr Road to Highway 9, but the section beyond Portola State Park belongs to Redtree Properties.

The Haul Road on a foggy Sunday morning.

2 Responses to “Photo of the Week: The Haul Road”

  1. Nick J. Says:

    Looks beautiful. Are you allowed to ride on the section that Redtree Properties owns?

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