Photo of the Week: Purisima Creek Road

Jobst Brandt drinks from Purisima Creek in 1981, and the same location today.

Purisima Creek Road has been a favorite route for Jobst Brandt and friends dating back to the 1960s. Then the road was still being used for logging, which was an ongoing activity in this canyon dating back to the late 1800s.

When Midpeninsula Regional Space District bought the land, the road was renamed a trail, but it’s still wide enough to drive a truck on. In fact, it was recently graded, which is good news, bad news. The good news is that the road is being maintained, but the bad part is the deep tread pattern from the grader’s tires. Bring your full-suspension bike.

We used to drink out of Purisima Creek and as you can see it was clear of brush back then from all the logging. Note that I’m not recommending you drink from here today.

My favorite section is the two miles from the creek (where the road is less steep) to pavement. Sunday was ideal for cycling on the coast — no fog and mild temps.

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