A Stop Sign on Page Mill Road?

There's a move afoot to put a stop sign at Page Mill Road and Moody Road. (Google Maps photo)

According to a report by the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, residents on Buena Vista Drive at Moody Road and Page Mill Road are asking for a stop sign — or some other traffic mediation — so they can make safe left turns onto their street off Page Mill Road.

I think that’s a bad idea and probably a stop sign here doesn’t qualify based on road design standards. There can’t be more than eight or so houses on Buena Vista, but they’re big houses and their occupants have gotten the attention of local officials.

My suggestion is to add a large mirror so that motorists, and cyclists for that matter, can see what’s coming around the corner when turning left onto Moody Road.

The signs erected here in the past few weeks (“keep right”) serve no useful purpose, but they do cause confusion. The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will take up the issue on September 27.

4 Responses to “A Stop Sign on Page Mill Road?”

  1. Murali Says:

    I was wondering what the deal was with those “keep right” signs. I thought they were telling me to take Moody Road for the descent. Now I understand what is going on.

  2. page mill rider Says:

    A few months ago I was descending a mental giant in a Volvo station was was backing up (where are italics?) from Buena Vista onto Page Mill.

    I was planning on continuing on Page Mill but had to abort and make a turn onto (where are italics) Buena Vista while pointing at my helmet shouting “Merde” (I wasn’t referring to myself–also I use a headlight!)

  3. page mill rider Says:

    Sorry I also think this is a bad idea; I’m not happy as it is with the three way stop at Altamont/Moody either.

    How often do the denizens of Buena Vista have to turn left anyway? I’d figure the vast majority of their exits involve a RH turn.

    Enough with unnecessary stop signs!

  4. page mill rider Says:


    Will you be voicing an opinion on September 27th?

    How much will the average supe know about this area anyway? Are they just going to listen to the whining of a few rich people? I don’t like the idea of hauling a bike down from 30 mph to 0 mph in about 50 yards. To me that’s not really safe.

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