Page Mill Road Stop Sign Issue Postponed Until November

This came from Supervisor Liz Kniss and the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors:

“The issue of the proposed stop sign at Moody/Page Mill/Buena Vista will be NOT heard by the Board of Supervisors on September 27. At the request of the Town of Los Altos, the issue has been deferred to the meeting of November 22.”

One Response to “Page Mill Road Stop Sign Issue Postponed Until November”

  1. Jim Sullivan Says:

    People who build access to new homes w no foresight into down the road ingress-egress issues that come w being inhabitants of the mountains….have made their own bed,time to sleep in it…
    Big cats eye mirror is what many other residents use+seemingly works.

    If these folks at Moody-Page are allowed to stop sign bicyclists-auto people on rural Page Mill, what happens when the many other residents who enter+exit along Page Mill-Moody desire a stop sign?

    Epic fail, no stop signs for these poor planners.

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