Photo of the Week

Almost there. Fine weather for a ride up Mt. Hamilton.

A Muddy Buddy event at Grant Ranch Park highlighted my ride up Mt. Hamilton, but more on that later.

I rode from home through downtown San Jose and up Mt. Hamilton Road, arriving at the base at 8:36 a.m. under foggy skies, which I found surprising after yesterday’s brilliant sunshine.

The fog didn’t dissipate until Halls Valley. Note that our state tax dollars are being put to good use here. The road has been resurfaced in stretches 100 – 200 yards long between Halls Valley and the Smith Creek descent.

One of the more irritating aspects of riding Mt. Hamilton Road is those “holes.” “Bang.” Blame it on ground squirrels. These sociable creatures dig tunnels under the road. Over time the road sags above the tunnel, water accumulates, and eventually a hole forms when left unattended. This isn’t how all the holes form, but it accounts for many of them.

I noticed a shiny new gate has been installed at the final climb to the observatory off Hwy 130.

Finally, on the descent I came upon the Muddy Buddy contestants driving home — a parade of cars headed down the mountain. Fortunately the tarantula I saw above Grant Ranch crossing the road was spared.

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