Photo of the Week: Coast Highway

Highway 1 overlook approaching Pescadero turnoff.

Could Sunday be any better for riding? I rode up Old LaHonda and down Old to 84 on the way to the coast. Old LaHonda has more new pavement. There’s still a stop light on 84 approaching La Honda.

On the coast I headed south with hazy skies and moderate swell on the vast Pacific. At the overlook before the descent to the Pescadero turnoff I stopped and admired the view. A Japanese tourist riding a folding bike caught up and I took his photo.

As I rode up Pescadero Road I had a chance to see the whimsical triceratops and mammoth located on a landowner’s farm. I miss seeing the Terminator on Stage Road. Too bad it was moved to a more secluded location nearby.

In La Honda I ran into John Woodfill. We rode up Alpine Road while discussing all manner of current events. At Skyline John headed down Page Mill and I went left, riding down Crazy Pete’s Road and Alpine Road.

Poor old Alpine Road has turned into a lumpy bumpy trail. It pains me to see such a glorious road fall into disrepair. So many great memories…

2 Responses to “Photo of the Week: Coast Highway”

  1. Owen Emry Says:

    We must have nearly crossed paths, as we went down Tunitas Creek and up Pescadero/Alpine. Definitely one of the more glorious days on the coast.

    Any idea what all the blue smoke was hanging in the valleys around Alpine? I haven’t been able to find anything about it.

  2. Owen Emry Says:

    It must have been this controlled burn:

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