Photo of the Week

A beautiful garden on Oak Glen Avenue before the rain.

Sunday I just had to ride the new bike, so I headed south hoping to avoid the rain. On Oak Glen Avenue, one my favorite roads, I stopped to take a photo.

Every time I stopped (3 times in all) someone asked me “Are you all right?” Once, I was taking a photo, camera in hand. I guess anytime someone isn’t cycling it warrants this mindless question. If I’m not all right or need help, you’ll be the first to know! I’ll wave you down, lie in the street, scream at the top of my lungs.

I got the question as I fixed a flat. Every time passing riders ask the inevitable question, I suggest they stop to fix the flat, but they laugh and keep riding. Wait. You just asked me if your help was needed, and I asked for it.

Andy Rooney may be gone, but there are more than enough of us curmudgeons out there to fill his shoes.

On the way home the skies turned gray and the rain came in buckets, for about three minutes, enough to leave me soaking wet and wishing I had brought my rain gear.

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