Photo of the Week

Mt. Hamilton summit was a zoo on New Year's day as the Porsche crowd showed up along with cyclists to enjoy the sun and 60 degree temperatures.

Mike Jacoubowsky, right, and his son Kevin were joined by three other riders for a traditional New Year's day ride up Mt. Hamilton. Mike, who owns Chain Reaction Bicycles in Redwood City, remembered another ride several years ago where the weather was not nearly so nice. Mike is looking forward to finishing the store remodel by mid-January.

I’m a fair-weather rider when it comes to riding on Mt. Hamilton, which means I don’t ride up it too often in January. Today was an exception. I’ve been to the top on New Year’s day before, but this ranks as the warmest I can remember.

Dozens and dozens of cyclists climbed to the top as part of their New Year’s resolution, or just to enjoy the sun. More than 30 Porsches joined us.

I figured I’d see Mike Jacoubowsky on the ride up because he does it every year. Sure enough, with about two miles to the summit he passed me, along with his son and three other riders. Mike rides nearly daily from his shop and writes about the experience in his blog. You’ve got to read about the New Year’s day 2006 ride where they were nearly blown off the mountain.

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