All That Glitters is Not Gold

Gold end caps add the ultimate finishing touch to a show bike.

By now you know I didn’t win the Mega Millions lottery, but I have invested in something just as lucrative – 24K gold end caps.

Shimano’s cheesy aluminum end caps don’t cut it. I wanted something with a little more class, something that would stand out in a crowd of fancy carbon-fiber wunder bikes.

So I went to a nearby jeweler and ordered a custom-built 24K gold end cap. Cost: $700.

There’s more than vanity going on here. I ride in remote areas and there’s no telling what sort of bind I might find myself in. A little piece of gold could go a long way to helping me out of a jam.

What’s nice about the lowly end cap is that it’s not a likely candidate for theft. Who would ever guess it’s gold? If you’re interested in owning a gold end cap, let me know and I’ll give you the jeweler’s information.

2 Responses to “All That Glitters is Not Gold”

  1. Andrew C. (@sfc750) Says:

    I hear Jenson is selling faux gold caps for only $10 each today only! :0)

  2. jeff j. Says:

    hmm.. for a guy that uses valvoline grease on bearings and motor oil on his chain- getting gold ends caps seems a bit of a stretch-oh wait, it’s April 1. For a minute you had me going there…

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