Photo of the Week

Wild iris next to the Haul Road bloom in profusion on one of the finest days of the year.

My Sunday ride took me up Hwy 9, north on Skyline Blvd., down Alpine Road to the Haul Road, south on Wurr Road to Pescadero Road, Stage Road, Hwy 1, up Tunitas Creek Road, down Kings Mountain Road and then home.

You couldn’t have asked for better weather. Hwy 9 has two road repairs underway — at the sagging Saratoga Creek bridge next to the Sanborn Road turnoff and farther up at an exposed rock face that looks ready to give way.

Pescadero townies turned out in droves to greet my passing, hanging colorful flags over the road. They didn’t have to do that. My how the stores have changed over the decades. So hip and trendy today.

Stage Road never looked so nice with yellow flowers lining the road and green fields of hay ripening in the noon sun.

I headed up Tunitas Creek Road and remembered the old days when we hammered all the way. The last three miles was always fun after the stiff lower climb.

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