Photo of the Week

These whimsical characters off Hwy 84 in La Honda remind me of Star Wars, kind of. Nice work.

Purisima Creek bridge crossing. The creek crosses the trail in several locations. The bridges have been in place for as long as I’ve been riding here, since 1980.

My ride took me up Kings Mountain Road and down Purisima Creek Road (trail for MROSD) out to the coast and back on 84 and Alpine Road, Page Mill Road.

Purisima Creek Road is in great shape, although there is unfriendly gravel for the first quarter-mile that will challenge road bikes. This is a far cry better than my last trip after it had been graded. A junk truck has been hauled next to the trail for removal. Logging took place in the canyon well into the 1960s, so it was probably abandoned back then.

No heat wave this weekend. I saw 48 degrees F in the canyon.

On my ride home while climbing Alpine Road I experienced a random act of kindness, one of those moments that renews your faith in humanity. A driver stopped and waited for me to catch up at which point the driver’s teen-age son got out and offered me a bottle of water and food. I welcomed the water because my bottle was empty.

It was a high point in an otherwise downer day as tire problems caused all sorts of delays. But more on that later.

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