Easy and Not So Easy Tire Mounting

After more experimenting on tire mounting, I’m changing my thoughts about what’s more relevant to a good fit.

I thought it was the tire, but now I’m beginning to think it’s more the rim than the tire that matters. I mounted all sorts of tires on the modern Mavic Open Pro rim and they went on with ease, even the Nashbar tire, although that was not my original experience (Good Tire, Bad Tire).

However, mounting tires on the old Mavic MA2, MA40 and Rigida rims was much harder than the Open Pro for the same tire. After looking carefully at the two rims, the deeper channel on the Open Pro appears to give the tire more adjustability for an easier fit. I can’t think of any other explanation.

The Open Pro has a 19 mm vertical profile, while the MA2 is only 13 mm.

I’m not an expert though, so I’d like to know more.

I still believe the tire plays a role. Some tires go on easier than others, but I’m not finding anything on the Open Pro rim that’s an issue, yet.

Considering how much easier it is to mount tires on the Open Pro, my love affair with the MA2 is over. I’d certainly never shell out $300 for a NOS pair on eBay.

A brief video above shows how incredibly easy it is to mount tires on the Open Pro, versus mounting a tire on an older French rim.

Tire Size Actual width
Bontrager Select 700×28 27 mm
Bontrager All Weather 700×28 27 mm
Continental Ultra 2000 700×28 25 mm
Continental Grand Prix 4 season 700×28 26 mm
Continental Gator Hardshell 700×28 26.5 mm
Michelin Optimum Pro   700×25 26 mm
Michelin Speedium 2 700×25 25.5 mm
Nashbar Prima 700×25 25 mm
Continental Ultra (modern) 700×28 25 mm

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