Photos of the Week

Public works. About 5 years ago Santa Cruz County repaired this bridge on China Grade.

While waiting for at friend at Skyline Blvd. and Hwy 9, I made small talk with the CHP motorcycle officer watching the intersection. He confirmed the 100 MPH motorcycle challenge through the Santa Cruz Mountains was broken up (this was eons ago but he knew about it).

He said he was looking for speeders and people running the stop sign. I figured he would not see any action. Suddenly a beater car coming from Santa Cruz on Hwy 9 went blasting through the intersection, blowing right by the stop sign!

In less than two seconds the officer took off in hot pursuit. I’ve never seen such a quick departure. Amazing.

The Plastic Planet II was made from discarded soda bottles, created by Richard Sundance Owen to highlight unfettered pollution of our oceans by plastic. Somewhere in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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