Highline Canal a Cyclist’s Delight in Denver

While the real riding is in the Rockies, the way there from Denver is made easier by the Highline Canal, which winds through the city for miles and miles and miles. This is the intersection with the Cherry Creek Trail, which heads downtown.

I’ve done limited riding in Denver and this was my first time riding on the Highline Canal, which did not disappoint. This ditch was dug eons ago for irrigation and fortunately it has been left intact all these years.

For anyone wanting to ride from Denver into the mountains, a good way to go is the Highline Canal, at least until Colorado Boulevard where you’ll take Dartmouth Avenue over to Bear Creek Bikeway and then into the mountains via any number of roads.

There are a few major roads that require stopping for lights, but most of the other crossings, while at grade, don’t see all that much traffic.

There’s a great bike map issued by the Denver Bicycle Touring Club that shows the many trails through Denver as well as identifying the good roads to ride. It’s sold at the better bike shops in Denver.

As with most multi-use trails, it’s best to ride here early on weekends or on a weekday. Note that the trail is lined with plenty of puncture vine. Beware.

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