Photo of the Week

What does 23 percent look like through a camera lens? Not so steep. Approach to the Haul Road in Portola State Park.

So many road improvements this year. The Haul Road out of Portola State Park couldn’t be better. All that ballast dumped over the years has sunk in and now it’s fun riding.

Old La Honda Road (west) has been showing signs of wear, but now there’s a nicely done tar and gravel coating and in a few more weeks all the gravel will be gone.

Old La Honda Road (east) is looking good too. The entire length has new or fairly new pavement. That’s a big change from the 1980s.

Finally, Mt. Hamilton Road has also been receiving some attention and many bumpy parts have been resurfaced.

Work has been completed on the bridge at Sanborn Road on Hwy 9. All in all, a banner year for road maintenance.

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