Turning Over a New Leaf

Broadleaf maple hitches a ride on my handlebars.

One wonders what it is about the Broadleaf maple that makes it have such big leaves? Is it genetically gifted? Or is it just being a show-off?

This leads me to a somewhat tenuous segue into the world of legal stimulants and whether or not they’re dangerous. Maybe so. The popular 5-Hour Energy drink has come under suspicion as some 13 people have died from taking the drink and 33 were hospitalized over the last four years. It could be a statistical coincidence, or there could be some validity.

While professional athletes will stop at almost nothing to get the winning edge, even weekend warriors have a compulsion to try all kinds of energy foods and drinks. I’ve eaten a yummy and easily digested gummy with caffeine and I’ve got to say I felt a difference. I rode stronger and felt better.

I wish I could feel that way just by eating a bowl of steel-cut oats, but I can’t. I know because I eat oats all the time. You shouldn’t be worried about taking something that’s the equivalent of a cup or two of coffee, but beyond that there could be complications.

As with all quick fixes in life, there are usually negative effects in the long run or I should say, the long ride.

As you’re riding up Redwood Gulch Road, just remember this photo. It looks so flat.

One Response to “Turning Over a New Leaf”

  1. bob Landry Says:

    It is interesting that you wrote about this. I’ve been grousing to my riding buddies lately about the proliferation of energy drinks (legal speed). On one hand I respect the rights of people to consume what they want responsibly but too many people are drinking too much of the many stimulant drinks out there. I choose to single out RedBull as the prime offender because they have such a high profile. The X-treme events they sponsor may be fun to watch in a sadistic/voyeuristic way but they are largely stupid and dangerous.
    I think all the energy products are way too easily and often over-consumed. As cyclists we see evidence constantly in traffic where they dive too fast and out on the trails where there seems to be a race for the biggest air.
    I say, if you are tired, rest. And always be polite.
    Thanks for your blog.

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