Loma Prieta Beckons

Loma Prieta, left, looking north.

Loma Prieta looking north.

Loma Prieta mountain at one time commanded as much attention as Mt. Hamilton, until Lick Observatory and road were built. It was an object of curiosity for the first motor cars that ventured into the Santa Cruz Mountains.

My route took me up Old Santa Cruz Hwy to Summit Road and south, where I stopped for coffee at the oh-so-nice Summit Store. To fully appreciate the gentrified store you need to have been to the old one, pre-Loma Prieta Earthquake. It was, shall we say, rustic. Today you can choose from six different coffees, not to mention lattes.

According to the tradition of all Jobst Rides heading south to Loma Prieta, I should have stayed on Summit Road to Mt. Bache. However, I decided to go up Loma Prieta Road where it joins Summit Road, a short distance from Summit Store. I had ridden down it once. As it turns out, it’s a nice climb, better than Mt. Bache, in my opinion. There’s about a half-mile of dirt before joining Summit Road.

Under cloudy skies, but fairly warm temps, I continued south on Summit Road past scattered off-grid houses clinging to the ridge line that extends all the way to Mt. Madonna County Park. Four or five motorcycles passed me, as well as about a half-dozen cars. It’s a great road for testing a car’s shocks and suspension.

I stopped mid-way to look back and admire Loma Prieta, festooned with cell and other communication towers. I sped down the paved section of Summit Road to Mt. Madonna Road and turned left for more steep dirt descending. The loop was completed on the gently rolling Uvas Road and McKean Road.

Lower Loma Prieta Road is unusual among area roads in that it's mostly straight.

Lower Loma Prieta Road is unusual among area roads in that it’s mostly straight.

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