Drippy days a welcome occasion

A brief break in the clouds allowed in some filtered sun on Tunitas Creek Road.

A brief break in the clouds allowed in some filtered sun on Tunitas Creek Road.

If you think cold, drippy days on Skyline are something to bemoan in late May, consider the alternatives: tornadoes, hurricanes, furnace heat, etc.

I took the back entrance to Huddart Park on Greer Road. It’s too bad the signs say no bikes here, when they really refer to the trails in the park, not the paved road.

By the time I got within a half-mile of the Kings Mountain Road summit, the road turned wet and the redwoods cried their hearts out with joy. They love this stuff.

I headed down Tunitas Creek Road into more wetness as the temperature dropped to 50 degrees, but things warmed up on the Coast. Parked next to a farm was a Tesla model S sedan, and I saw another one later on Page Mill Road. I’m all for battery-powered cars. If only solar panels had higher efficiency, they could be mounted on the car and there would be no more worries about charging.

I took the tsunami evacuation route (Hwy 84). Halfway to La Honda a sad and frightening scene played out as a rancher tried to move some cattle across the busy road. Something for drivers to think about when taking 84.

I headed up Alpine Road and enjoyed the company of other riders on the way.

BART allows bikes always

BART is allowing bikes full-time for a five-month trial starting in July. I support bikes on public transit. Caltrain has special cars for bikes and BART needs to do the same. I understand they’re moving in that direction but it’s not fast enough. Ridership would go up, as it has for Caltrain. I remember the days when you couldn’t even bring a bike on Caltrain, then they only allowed folding bikes in a bag. BART has the same history.

We’ve seen progress, but with way too much foot-dragging.

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