In Skidders the bicycle saves the world

Skidders novel available now.

Skidders novel available now.

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Daily installment #21

Chapter 5: Meet a Legend

“By the way,” Volkov added almost as an afterthought, “with all our autonomous models we’ll be using that new battery with chemically synthesized bio-organic peptide molecules. We can charge a car in ten minutes. We already have a thousand gas stations and charge stations around the country. For now, the charge will be free.”

Volkov turned serious. “As you can imagine, hackers will attack the network. Most of your systems are secure, but they’ll find a way. My main concern is with our competitors, especially those car manufacturers who don’t share my vision for autonomous cars. We have enemies.”

Ben knew he had a role to play here. After all, he understood the network as well as anyone and could point to its vulnerabilities. His team had discussed its shortcomings at length, but his company could not guarantee an inherently unsafe wireless network would suddenly be secure.

“I will be relying on your expertise to shut down the hackers,” Volkov said. “Can you do that Ben?”

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