Here’s the recommended “Hedding” to cross Santa Clara Valley

Hedding Street offers the best cross-valley route through downtown San Jose.

Hedding Street offers the best cross-valley route through downtown San Jose.

If you’re crossing Santa Clara Valley, it might seem daunting. It’s about 16 miles of suburban sprawl with a stoplight every quarter-mile. Lovely.

In my years of doing the crossing, typically on rides up Mt. Hamilton, I’ve found the best route: Homestead Road, Tantau Avenue, Pruneridge Avenue, Hedding Street, Mabury Road, White Road, McKee Road.

That’s a straight shot with the least amount of traffic, avoiding freeway intersections with exit ramps. It’s the route to take if you’re heading up Mt. Hamilton or visiting Alum Rock Park.

If you read the Roadshow in the Mercury News, you know that some commuters have complained about the Hedding Street restriping in the downtown area. It went from four lanes to two, with a wider, green-stripe bike lane.

I rode there this morning about 7:30 a.m. and again at 12:15 p.m. I didn’t see any traffic. The most cars at a light was nine at First Street and they easily cleared the intersection at the light change.

Granted, I wasn’t there at 5 p.m. on a Tuesday, which is probably the worst time, but I can’t imagine it’s the horror show motorists claim.

If they think traffic in San Jose is bad, they need to get out more. Try Hong Kong or Manila or even Milan at rush hour. San Jose is a ghost town by comparison.

One Response to “Here’s the recommended “Hedding” to cross Santa Clara Valley”

  1. Robert Neff Says:

    I love Mabury. I have a strong dislike for the narrower parts of Hedding / Pruneridge in San Jose and Santa Clara, past Coleman. My route from the east hills to Palo Alto lately is:

    Mabury -> Hedding.
    N on Guadalupe Creek Trail.
    Take the access road around the airport to Central
    Central -> Scott -> Arques. Straight at Fair Oaks,
    Next Left, and the bridge over Central, Rt on California, Left on Sunnyvale Ave, Right on Evelyn, to Castro, etc…

    On Sat. Morning rides to meet the Western Wheelers at Cataldi Park in SJ (leading to Mt. Hamilton or Calaveras): Get to Central / San Antonio, then:
    Central (Great going south) -> Fair Oaks Exit.
    Cont. on Arquez / Scott.
    Left on San Tomas Creek Trail.
    Right at Agnews,
    Left on Montague (just bearable on Sat. AM going over 680.
    Cont on Trade Zone -> Cropley. Right on Camargo.

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