If you want change at MROSD, you’ve got to vote

Are you frustrated with the way things are over at the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD)? If you’re someone who feels shut out from the district’s “open” space, you should be. Now you can do something about it.

Two candidates, Mike Buncic (Ward 1) and Brandon Lewke (Ward 6) have made their positions clear: They want more open space opened and they’re proud to say they ride bikes.

If there’s ever a time when your vote matters, it’s here and now. MROSD board elections for four of seven wards are on the Nov. 4 ballot. Unfortunately, two are uncontested.

I’ve seen what a grassroots campaign for change can do. No entrenched elected official is safe. I was one of a small group of local residents in Menlo Park who banned together to vote out the city council incumbents in the mid-1980s elections.

One evening we showed up at a city council meeting, upset by a plan to increase traffic on our local streets. It was all a misunderstanding, but that wasn’t what mattered that evening. We were told by several entrenched city council members to take a hike. Big mistake.

I was so upset I took out an ad in the local paper and endorsed a candidate over the incumbent, who happened to be a cyclist. Didn’t matter. It was out with the old and in with the new. I could not have been happier that election evening. We said goodbye to the old guard and welcomed in the new.

If you want to learn more about Buncic and Lewke, check out their Facebook sites and read an article by San Jose Mercury News columnist Scott Herhold.

Lewke wants to preserve the Mt. Umunhum concrete silo. I’m all for that, just as long as we can get the road open to the summit, ASAP. None of us is getting any younger. I’ve been waiting nearly 30 years. It’s time for a change at MROSD. Go and vote!

Be sure to vote Nov. 4, especially if you're in a MROSD Ward with elections.

Be sure to vote Nov. 4, especially if you’re in a MROSD Ward with elections.

MROSD Elections
Ward 1
Pete Siemens (Incumbent)
Mike Buncic (I endorse)

Ward 2
Yoriko Kishimoto (Incumbent)

Ward 5
Nonette Hanko (Incumbent)

Ward 6
Larry Hassett (Incumbent)
Brandon Lewke (I endorse)

5 Responses to “If you want change at MROSD, you’ve got to vote”

  1. Mike Buncic Says:

    I am truly honored. From a legend himself. I only hope to move these issues forward the best I can.

    Thank you

    Mike Buncic

  2. Mt. Umunhum Says:

    Here here…. it’s time for a change! Thank you Ray. And for the record, the presence of the radar tower has no bearing on the access situation to the top (via road or trail). Thank you for your support in saving this iconic landmark.

  3. Ray Hosler Says:

    It does, indirectly. The more people we can rally to push for access to the summit, radar tower included, the greater chance there is we the public can remove impediments.

  4. Brandon Lewke Says:

    Thank you Ray for writing a great article about the need for change! I echo Mike’s sentiments, hope to have trails to the top open by 2017, and will do whatever I can to ensure the Mt Umunhum Radar Tower is still standing, and hopefully eventually opened as a joint history/nature/ visitor center.

    Brandon Lewke

  5. Grego Says:

    I passed the word, but apparently not widely enough. Buncic, Lewke, please run again next time!

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