Wurr Road bridge a sign of the times

Wurr Road's Pescadero Creek bridge makes it pretty clear you need to cross with caution.

Wurr Road’s Pescadero Creek bridge makes it pretty clear you need to cross with caution.

While I can’t deny Pescadero Creek bridge on Wurr Road in San Mateo County has seen its share of bike crashes, do we really need a sign suggesting that we walk our bikes across?

I first rode over the bridge with Jobst Brandt in 1980. He occasionally spoke of a huge crash here in the mid-1970s. Jobst and friends came flying down the road one frigid winter morning and the result was chaos as they skidded on the icy bridge.

Several riders crashed, broke bones, or were knocked out.

Today the bridge could use a little work, but better yet, replace it with something modern.

The good news is that few cyclists venture onto Wurr Road near the sleepy town of Loma Mar. Instead they stay on the busy Pescadero Road.

The fact that these signs just went up makes me wonder if there wasn’t another bike wreck here recently.

5 Responses to “Wurr Road bridge a sign of the times”

  1. Brian Coyne Says:

    San Mateo Co. is a bit trigger happy on signs warning bicycles away. For at least a month there have been “Loose Gravel. Bikes Not Advised” signs on Stage Rd, Verde Rd, Tunitas Creek, and Lobitos Creek, but barely any sign of gravel on the roads. It would be a shame if anyone had actually been taking the “advice.”

  2. Tony Rall Says:

    Yes, there was. No ice involved. We had a rider (about 2 months ago) in our group get his wheel caught in one of the wider spaces between the boards. He was thrown into the railing at the side of the bridge, with his shoulder hitting an unforgiving upright. Severely dislocated shoulder, which failed to heal, resulting in recent surgery.

    A warning sign is better than nothing, but the bridge surface really needs to be redone.

  3. jay Says:

    At some point is a county or city liable for a badly maintained road or structure? Is a warning sign a way of trying to CYA?

  4. Ray Hosler Says:

    I think it does open them up to liability. The bridge was improved about 10 years ago. I guess it’s time for another makeover.

  5. grace voss Says:

    dear ray…i would like to use your comment on wurr road ridge plus photo in the next issue of the roadrunner, the bi-monthly newsletter of the santa cruz county cycling club (SCCCC)…is that OK with you? grace (gracevoss@sbcglobal.net)

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