Shimano CN6701 chain lasts about 4,000 miles

Shimano 6701 chain lasted about 4,000 miles.

Shimano 6701 chain lasted about 4,000 miles.

I have assiduously cleaned my chains over the past 15 months and now the results are in. Swapping between two chains, cleaning them about once a month, they lasted about 4,000 miles each.

I use the Park chain-wear indicator tool and dump the chain between the 0.5 and 0.75 measurement. I found that the chain only needs a couple hundred miles to go from 0.5 to 0.75. Another interesting observation is that half the chain indicates more wear than the other half.

I use Simple Green to clean the chains. After removal I put it into a wide-mouth container and shake vigorously, then let sit for a day. I then remove the chain, wash it off with water and sun-dry.

For lubricant I am currently using ProLink ProGold. Before that I used Finish Line Dry. The ProLink seems to hold up a little better over the miles (doesn’t need more lubrication), but it’s not a big difference.

The days of using car oil are over; these fancy Shimano chains require a teflon-like lubricant that can penetrate the narrow gaps.

My Shimano Ultegra freewheel is still working well after three years and five months, about 22,000 miles. As soon as I start having chain skip, I’ll replace it.

2 Responses to “Shimano CN6701 chain lasts about 4,000 miles”

  1. ThermionicScott Says:

    Not bad! It’s sounding like the newer drivetrain parts still have respectable lifespans with proper care, despite the dire predictions that they would wear out far more quickly with each generation.

  2. jay Says:

    I don’t think I can get Ray’s longevity on tires/chains/freewheels. I’m 205 lbs which I think is way more than Ray and that has to wear parts out faster.

    I had an Ultegra 9 speed cassette that made to about 8K miles before a new chain started skipping on it.

    Ray got 6K miles on a Gatorskin–I got 2,900 on a 28mm rear tire–which is actually pretty impressive for me.

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