Too much of a good thing

Pearl Izumi Elite gloves have too much gel for my hands. Older model, right, felt better on long rides.

Pearl Izumi Elite gloves have too much gel for my hands. Older model, right, felt better on long rides.

When I recently purchased a pair of Pearl Izumi Elite gloves, I figured the increased amount of gel padding compared to its older model would be a good thing. I was sorely wrong.

When you get to be my age, gloves are required. For many years I didn’t wear gloves, although in hindsight it’s always a good idea to wear them.

On a 30-mile ride they were OK, but I noticed the gel lumps felt like small pebbles after a while. On a 119-mile ride, well, they became more than an annoyance early on during a long climb. They compressed the ulnar nerve, which leads to hand numbness. I had to constantly change hand position.

Pearl Izumi usually makes excellent products, but I think they went overboard on these gloves and didn’t test them enough before release. They did fix one problem compared to the previous model: the Velcro wrist clasp holds well.

4 Responses to “Too much of a good thing”

  1. Jim Says:

    I came to the same conclusion. I was wondering if I had some unorthodox positioning that put made these gloves not work for me. I don’t recall ever having issues with hand numbness until I got these gloves. I got a pair of non-gel PI gloves a few months later and they are much better.

  2. Ray Hosler Says:

    I’m trying these now. They have a uniform amount of gel spread out evenly. More later.

  3. jay Says:

    I think the most important thing about any glove is that it fits right. I’ve had gloves I had to give away because my hand would slip around inside or it would bunch up on me because they were too large.

    I’ve had good luck with the Giordana Strada glove which I like for long rides because it has a thick amount of gel in the bottom so I can rest the butt of my palm on the handlebar–that relieves the painful twinges I would sometimes get with glove w/o gel in this location. My hand is about 8 3/8 inches around the knuckles and I wear a “L”–although I feel I’m about the minimum size for “L”.

    I’ve worn these about 50 times for rides of 3-6 hours and they show minimal wear. They felt a little bulky at first but I’ve gotten used to them and now they’re my “go-to” gloves.

  4. Nic Dade Says:

    I agree about these gloves. After I cut open each bump and pulled out the gel pads the gloves stopped hurting my hands on every ride.

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