Now that’s a motor-bike

A motor-bike literally.

A motor-bike literally.

It’s blasphemy. How can you do this to a perfectly good bike? If it were electric, I wouldn’t mind. I do admire the owner’s ability.

One Response to “Now that’s a motor-bike”

  1. ThermionicScott Says:

    I might quibble with the “perfectly good bike” verbiage. ;^) These kits always seem to be found on low-end MTBs with brakes that were marginal for a pedal-bike, let alone one that can now go 30 MPH or more.

    While I’m being judgmental, note that the chain has been removed, so not only is the bike spewing out exhaust fumes from a cheap carbureted engine, the rider has no interest in supplying any of his own effort. Essentially, he wanted a moped/motorcycle without the cost and licensing those would require. I’ve even heard one on the MUP behind me — can’t wait until more of them join in…

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